Asís Ybarra

Performance conceived and developed together with Marco Bene and Baldassarre Ruspoli, presented on the 18th June 2016 at Nahmad Projects, London.

Speculative Script:

• The first visitor enters an empty space.
• The visitor needs to sign a document at the entrance, claiming the rights to use
the non-script, and taking full responsibility of his/her actions.
• The visitor believes that signing the document is part of the performance.
• The visitor walks around the space, now thinking the performance consists in his
presence in the empty room.
• Five minutes later the second visitor comes in, looks at the document and maybe signs.
• He looks at the first visitor, who is looking back at him.
• They both believe the other visitor is somehow part of the performance.
• They scrutinize each and every movement of the other person with a curious
gaze of expectancy.
• After some time the second visitor asks the first visitor if he is a performer.
• The first visitor believes the question is part of the performance.
• Another visitor enters, looks at the document that is handed to him, refuses to
sign, and leaves.
• A group of three visitors enter and see that there are two people wondering around the space.
• They believe both are performers.
• They laugh while they look at each other, not knowing what is and what is not
part of the performance.
• After a while, there is an undeterminable number of visitors, embracing a dance of non-scripted actions
• Some are not yet conscious of their involvement in a non-performance
• Others are, and grin of satisfaction.
• The ones who become conscious of their position, are no longer part taking in
the infinite possibilities of improvisation.
• Now they are consciously non-performers.

(Its impossible to determine what will happen during a performance or how it will take place. Therefore, this is a speculative script to exemplify one of the infinite possibilities)

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